Kennedy Free Congress

There more we think about the incoming congress class the more it gets better. This will be the first congress in more than 63 years that will be Kennedy free. The Kennedys have held a congressional seat or the presidency for more than 60 years. The last hope runt of the litter, Patrick “patches” Kennedy of Rhode Island leaves his U.S. House seat. Patches in only 43 years old we are not sure he is going away but at least he is out of the picture. The best part is after the Ted Kennedy seat went to a Republican and Patches decided not to run the stranglehold of Camelot is finally over. There does not appear to be any bootlegging, drug addicts, womanizing, rapist, killers, or alcoholics in the new line of Kennedy’s ready to assume the high mantel set by their elders. The only one in office is Bobby Shriver serving as a city councilor in the seaside Los Angeles suburb of Santa Monica. We celebrate that Patches did not run for a ninth term and this congress is already our favorite with Ms. Speaker moving to minority leader. The Republicans have a huge 60 plus seat swing in the last election and no Kennedy’s. It really could only be better if the republicans controlled the senate but you cannot have everything but it is pretty good so far.

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