New Congress please step up

We have not seen a day of the new congress but we like it already. The House Republicans pledged to retain the ethics office. We like the rule that no legislation receive a House vote until it appears on the Internet for at least three days. You recall we have seen major bills came up for votes while few had a chance to read the legislation, of they make changes inserted at the last minute. New legislation must on the Internet prior to votes and require that bills requiring an increase in spending be balanced with cuts elsewhere. That means if a bill requires increased spending, money would be cut by an equal or greater amount elsewhere. So there is no tax increases that can be called on to pay for new mandatory spending. This maybe just talk and we will see if they can back it up. But as far as starting on the right foot this is why we sent them to Washington. The GOP also will continue a rule that prohibits former members of Congress who are registered lobbyists from using the House gym, where they once could lobby lawmakers. This is a great start and a move in the right direction. We love the effort and 2011 is looking up already as we find a ray of hope from these new words from Washington.

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