Florida Governor Jeb Bush for Senate

Now that 2010 is close to over it is time to start the president hopefuls into shape. We were surprised a name we thought we would hear former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is contemplating a challenge against Senator Bill Nelson in 2012. We thought he would be an early name thrown around by the non Roomney and Palin supports. Thisi s not that case in Florida where it seems 72 percent of GOP voters want chose Florida Governor Jeb Bush as their preferred candidate. The poll is so one sided that no other person has more than 6% of the vote. We think that it is time for Senator Bill Nelson to go although it appears he has strong support. Florida Governor Jeb Bush leads matchup, 49 percent to Nelson’s 44 percent if they were to run today. This is exciting as it shows the steam of the election is not passed. We need to keep up the pressure and it looks like the steam is building. The attitude that republicans messed up the country under eight years of President Bush or the republicans have slowed down and hindered the President Obama agenda seem to be unfounded and not sticking.


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