Open seat in the 15th?

Chuck has seen the writing on the wall finally. It may have taken an anvil to hit him over the head or censure but either way it is good news. House of Representatives member Charlie Rangel no fan of the tea512 has a new tune. This is a new chapter in the tax cheats life as he know speaking to local scribes over the weekend suddenly noticed his age when talking about his future. The Democrat who is 80 years old was asked if he actually was going to run for a 22nd term. Only in America and only in New York could sheepoeple walk to the polls and vote for this guy like zombies. We are glad he is taking the high road and appears to be leaving as they would send him back, you know they would. He actually was kind of naming names for hopeful successors. This could be a new day for the 15th district, Harlem and it is time for a change. There should be a picture of Charlie Rangel in the dictionary next to term limits. It is a classic example of staying in one place to long, getting fat and happy then not being any longer to see right from wrong. We do not know who they are going to send in his place and we are pretty sure it will be a like in kind but the good knews is it will not be Charlie.

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