Time to cook the books

It is that time if of year when the cat and mouse game of the release of budget begins. President Barack Obama will need to sharpen his pencil and think is it would be best to push it out another week. The release of his budget proposal for fiscal year 2012 will be delayed they say for two reasons the first because President Obama current nominee for budget director confirmation. The new date is the week of February 14, 2011 Valentines Day a big kiss for all the budgets in the federal government. It is convenient to use the excuse of the delay due to confirming new budget director Jacob Lew. The reason for the six week delay is the White House is standing in front of states progress. Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu righteously put a hold on Lew’s nomination. This administration does not like hardball and this is a hardball protest to the administration’s moratorium on offshore oil drilling. The other reason is they claim the budget is also delayed because Congress worked so late in the year on making 2011 funding decisions. Did you notice how both of the reason do not come from the top. Do you remember the buck stops here? In this administration the buck stopped over there and it is always someone else to blame. This act is getting old as you are the leader of the free world and a noble peace prize winner stand up and act like it.


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