Tea512 Top51 Smoking Sasses of 2010 (15-6)

We move to get to the top ten as this is your (15-6) on the Top51 Smokin Sasses of 2010. This list has an unprecedented five new comers placed this high. There is one two time member and three that have been on the list three times. This is the second to last post of the top five is next. Here is a tease the top sass is new for the third year in row.

#14 is Lady Gaga a new comer that is hard to ignore. Once you get past the crazy costumes you realize she not only attractive but pretty hot.

#13 is Amber Heard a new comer that followed a breakout year in 2009 with three more hot roles in 2010.


#12 is Katherine Heigl who has dropped from #6 in 2009 and as high as #5 in 2008. Her work has not been as sexy as she moved into the romantic comedy and away from roles that bring ot the sexy.

#11 is Ashley Greene a new comer that when she walks the red carpet is the hottest thing on heels. We are not big Twilight fans but never miss the photos of the premiers she attends.


#10 is Blake Lively as we hit the top ten with this new comer. She should have been on the list long ago but no for her escapes on screen although great. She knows how to make an appearance in public and is a stunner.

#9 is Katy Perry who is the highest new comer this year. There is no doubt this girl is sexy, hot and talented. We love her music but her videos are must see TV. If she is walking the red carpet at an award show she is both hot and ladylike just amazing.#8 is Malin Akerman who is up from #10 last year. This girl is just smoking on the big screen and 2010 was her movement into Internet movies on Funny or Die.


#7 is Nicole Scherzinger moves up to from #9 in 2009 and was #13 in 2008. She had a great year on Dancing with the Stars and Sing Off. She has a great voice, body and she is the Pussy Cat Doll as they are nothing without her.

#6 is Rhianna who was #7 in both 2009 and 2008. she moves up because she is sexy has style and as far as rebuilding an image that could have went bad she came out fine.



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