Tea512 Top51 Smoking Sasses of 2010 (26-15)

If you did not figure it out this is post three of five for the top 51. We will highlight the top five in there own post. Here are your numbers (15-26). This set has four new comers, one two timer and seven three timers. This is where the cream of the crop rises.

#26 is Helena Mattsson a new comer who killed us with her striking beauty in Iron Man 2 and cannot wait for more.


#25 is Halle Berry who was #11 in 2009 and #8 in 2008. This has been a decline but she still can turn heads like at the Golden Globes.

#24 is Olivia Wilde a new comer who is the only reason we see to watch House, but we are hopeful for more movie roles like in Tron.


#23 is Hayden Panettiere who was #14 in 2009 and #20 in 2008. The drop is due to inactivity over 2010 but we are hoping for more from her and more adult roles


#22 is Lea Michele is a new comer and should have been on the list before but they really hid her hottness on Glee but she kills on the red carpet.


#21 is Kellie Pickler last year #12 in 2009 and #16 in 2008. Her drop has to due with the shine coming off the apple and her attire becoming more conservative kind of a bummer.

#20 is Christina Aguilera was #23 in 2009 and #25 in 2008. She did have quiet year until a CD and movie hit and she brought out the sexy.

#19 is Vanessa Hudgens last year #13 and the #15 in 2008. We were hoping for more from her now she is out of the Disney hold as we already seen everything so the future is bright.

#18 is Mariah Carey who was #8 in 2009 and her highest rank # 4 in 2008. She has lost something off her fastball but she still brings out the sexy at 40.

#17 is Anna Paquin who is a new comer and should have been on the list before as every week a with every new episode of True Blood she gets hotter and hotter.


#16 is Jessica Alba down one from last year at #17 and as high as #14 in 2008. She is smoking hot and does only need to stay alive to be a staple on the countdown.

#15 is Emmanuelle Chriqui last years #19 make a jump after her season Entourage based on the anal episode which was just simply hot even though anti climatic.


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