Tea512 Top51 Smoking Sasses of 2010 (5-1)

We have made it the top five Tea512 Smokin Sasses of 2010. Every one of these ladies has been on the list for three years two of them have been number one in years past.

#5 is Scarlett Johansson her second year at number five her high point was #3 in 2008. This year she killed us in Iron Man 2. She did not have a big year other than that and if she did not divorce because she was allegedly too promiscuous was enough to keep her spot.


#4 is Beyonce who was last years #1 and #2 in 2008. She toured most of the year and did not release any new movies. She was great in the Lady Gaga video epic for telephone. If you have not seen her in the Vizio commercial then you know she will be back.


#3 is Charlize Theron who was #2 in 2009 and #1 in 2008. Everyone who reads this space knows we love her. She did not make a movie or anything news worthy except leave her longtime boyfriend. It appears she went into hiding after that, we still worship her as a Tea512 Top three smoking sass.


#2 is Megan Fox who was #3 last year and #6 in 2008. A new number two had a great year as we saw her first lead actress role carrying a movie and another action feature. We also saw honeymoon photos from Hawaii in a bikini. The future is so bright for this smoking sass that we could see her being number one someday.


#1 is Carrie Underwood up from #4 last year and #9 in 2008. We have always seen her as beautiful. The new wrinkle is she has devolved a personality as being fun. She toured all year and made some great videos. When she wants to be sexy she is sexy. She has come a long way from being American Idol season four winner back in 2005. Congratulations Carrie Underwood you are the #1 smokin sass of 2010.




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