President Obama and the double speak

This is a great one on two fronts of disingenuous our president can be. We read today the Obama administration will allow thirteen companies to resume deep water drilling without any additional environmental scrutiny. It was only a short time ago when he said he would require strict reviews for new drilling in the wake of the BP oil spill. President Obama suspended drilling. If you recall the ban was lifted in October, but drilling has not yet resumed in waters deeper than 500 feet in the Gulf of Mexico. We think this has more to do with the President Obama current nominee for budget director confirmation Jacob Lew. Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu put a hold on Lew’s nomination as hardball protest to the administration’s moratorium on offshore oil drilling. This is the way it is with these guys when they cannot get what they want they bend the rules, if that does not work they break them. Does it matter if it was him breaking a promise he made to the country when everyone wanted something done. Does it matter he changes his mind because he is being blocked. It all points to the character of the man who holds the office and the lack of a bone of integrity that he possess.

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