One small step more to come

We started to see the new run of the House Republicans first attempt to repeal President Barack Obamacare. Republican lawmakers know that any effort to repeal the health care law in will still need the Democratic Senate approval which will not happen. The vote was 236-181 procedural vote, largely along party lines, that sets the stage for the House to vote next week on the repeal. The bigger issue is Republican governors representing 30 states opened up a new line of attack, complaining that provisions of the health care law are restricting their ability to control Medicaid spending, raising the threat of devastating cuts to other critical programs, from education to law enforcement in a weak economy. We had a federal judge in Florida is expected to rule on the lawsuit brought by 20 states that challenges the law’s central requirement that most Americans carry health insurance. Remember a judge in Virginia ruled it unconstitutional last month, while in courts in two other cases have upheld it. It’s expected that the Supreme Court will ultimately have to resolve the issue. Republicans hope to force Obama and the Democrats into a defense mode right from the start. The only way the Republicans can insure repeal is with the election of a Republican president and one can only hope.

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