President Obama and the old players playbook

When it comes to saying things that mean nothing President Barack Obama is the champion. If you did not hear he is revamping his economic policy team and signaling cooperation to ascendant Republicans and the business community at a pivotal moment in the nation’s recovery and Washington politics. We were wondering what this economic policy team has been doing anyway. When the president needs fresh new ideas and none of his ivy elites have a clue, he turns to the way back machine and looks for veterans of the Clinton administration. Chief of staff William Daley, economic overseer Gene Sperling and recently confirmed budget director Jacob Lew. When you listen to the talking head president he explains the new mission has to be to accelerate hiring and accelerate growth, this what the president declared last week. For the sake of the nation we hope this new found need to find value in international trade deals in an economic message centered on competitiveness that spends on education initiatives to retool the workforce embraces trade and provides tax breaks to businesses. Then at the same time he claimed a new focus looking at the deficit and debt. This is going to be highlighted when the president releases his budget. We think this should have been the priority last year after he pushed Obamacare through. We also have no faith he will provide any solutions or any progress on any of these issues. But we have come to understand if you could solve problems with speeches we would be in the US would be utopia. 

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