Battleship Cove Fall River MA

We wanted to let you know about Battleship Cove as a great place to spend the day, have fun, learn a little history. This place is open year round and the cost of admission is only $15 children 6-12 are $9 and under $6 is free, there is also free parking. The place has been entertaining for 40 years and puts you in the heat of the action. You can view a lot of history and the slogan at Battleship cove is “Don’t just learn about history live it.” When you are at Battleship Cove, you will experience firsthand what it was like to serve on board a Navy warship in WWII. You can sound the diving horn on Submarine Lionfish before you slip below the sea. The best part was cranking the handwheels on Big Mamie’s 40-mm guns as you knock enemy planes from the sky. The biggest treat for most in attendance was the sail through the Cold War on USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. We also learned the ship had an unmanned helicopter that hunted Soviet submarines. It was amazing to think we had predator technology back in 1960. They also have a high-speed missile corvette that the Soviets designed to fight us. It does not matter if you are a die-hard naval history buff or a casual enthusiast of military hardware, you’ll have much to discover at Battleship Cove. you can find all the fun at Battleship Cove, 5 Water Street, Fall River, MA 02721.

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