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We are glad to see that change in nurse attire in the hospital. If you have not seen this you might have the change on your favorite hospital show. If you remember in the past scrubs have always been stuck with the same plain pastel colors. These scrubs have changed and been updated when you see what is available at nurse uniform stores. There are so many styles, colors, and designs that there is something for everyone. This is a great change for a nurse to be able to show off some flair and style as well as bringing a cheery outlook to their patients. We know that when the public is pressed into interaction at a hospital it is always the nurse that is the calming voice of reason in those troubled times. It is a great service to the medical industry that they can express a little freedom and be confident that they are still easily recognized as the professionals they are. This new era in style will cater to all medical professionals as they also have nursing uniforms for men and women. We also know that when medical professionals are dealing with children that being able to have a warm voice, kind heart and wearing cute little bunnies can make all the difference in being that calming influence to help a child relax and feel like they have a friend by their side. You might want to check it out as right know as our friends over at as have scrubs sets on sale that are both reasonably priced and in many styles. If you are looking for scrubs, scrub hats, jackets, shirts, medical coats, as well as accessories. The accessories they sell are from an earring collection and a lanyard collection. We have checked it out and found it hard to choose with so many styles. We liked the sports scrub hat collection as there are 21 different styles and only $20 each.

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