President Obama and No Child Left Behind

Put this under President Obama beating up the President Bush administration and then coming around. We find that President Obama will mount a fresh attempt this year to rewrite the No Child Left Behind education law, a top administration official said this week, and key congressional Republicans said they are ready to deal. The president is ready to move on this we hear from Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Representative Duncan Hunter a Republican from California is the chairman of a subcommittee on elementary and secondary education, said there is bipartisan consensus that the law should be overhauled. They keep claiming that there is much work to do to fix it, but the bottom line is they were on the right track in 2002. We do not expect the lame stream media to say that it was a good law and really do not expect there to be any change. This is the President Obama can use what works without making something creating something new and try to claim all the glory will the program limps along. Just like healthcare and only time and when it falls flat will we look back and see he was misguided and lead us a stray. We still do not think the lame stream media will stand up and admit there was a love affair.

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