New Jersey Governor Christie killing sacred cow

If there has ever been a person who has grabbed the bull by the horns and made a name for themselves as much as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. He has been a shining light ever since he won and shown up President Obama. He is back and wreaking havoc on another sacred cow of the liberals and lame stream media. Tenure, the fact is most in the teaching community believed that teachers’ jobs are basically guaranteed, no matter how students do. Therein lays the rub and a place that Governor Christie can sink his teeth into. He wants to change the fact there is no requirement and he is seeking to end tenure. He said he would support switching to a system that gives individual teachers five-year contracts, which districts could renew based on merit. Can you imagine the shock and awe when that missile was fired? The idea is pretty basic and used by most corporations for managers, understanding that if the worst 5% of teachers were removed there would be a substantial effect on performance. This makes sense to everyone who sees that job evaluation should be based on performance and not longevity. It is only in the teaching field that you see this kind or gross unconcern for results. The matter seems pretty simple at the end of the five-year period they would evaluate a teacher. If they wanted to keep them fine and if they did not they will not base on merit, not length of service.

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