Gun Sales Soars after Shooting

Whenever there is a shooting or a democrat take over you can count on two things. The first the NRA and conservatives have to turtle because it is too close to home. The next is gun sales are going to climb as everyone starts to talk about banning guns. This is case in Arizona where gun sales soared as well as several other states after the shooting. Gun sales skyrocketed 60 percent in Arizona compared with the corresponding day the year before. This held true nationwide as well as sales were 5 percent higher than they were a year ago. Some of the other states that saw a huge spike were Ohio,with a 65 percent rise and a 38 percent raise in Illinois. There was a 33 percent increase in New York and 16 percent upsurge in Florida. We all know the reason for this rise is the usual knee jerk reaction from government when there is a problem. You have to know that it is bad when people think the second amendment can be limited due to an isolated incident. The fact remains that this incident is unlike other we have seen but the call to action for this could bring a lot of force from Washington as well as the anti-gun lobby.

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