Steele Out Common sense prevails

If you are a reader of this space you know we have no love for the leader of the Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. We wanted him to step down but in a case of hubris not seen since the Roman Empire he thought he was fine. It turns out there are some smarter people in the Republican Party that where not going to let the charade continue. The Republican leaders refused Michael Steele a new term as party chairman and decided to go with a low-key insider Wisconsin Republican Party chairman Reince Priebus. When you talk about hitting the ground running first task is to erase a $20 million debt, when that plan is in place get started on trying to unify Republicans for the 2012 presidential election. Priebus came out the gate swinging for the fences saying he would like to raise $400 million for the 2012 election. The best part had to be when after the fourth round of voting Steele looked around the room and could no longer make head or tails of what was happening. There is an old adage in poker if you look around the table and cannot identity the mark then it is you.

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