President rumors begin to swirl

It has been a great week of headlines for New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie and anytime that happens from now until 2012 you are considered a presidential candidate. This is case as Governor Christie had to reaffirm that he is not running for president in 2012 on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. This was based on the poll that said that Christie is the only Republican that, at this point, could beat President Barack Obama in 2012, 43 percent to 40 percent. He had to give the can answer “The only guy who could beat him in the poll isn’t running,” Christie said. “I have a state to run. I love New Jersey.” We understand 2013 is long way away and we have seen in Massachusetts that a governor can have one foot in the door running that state even when the other foot is in Ohio. We might as well get used to this every couple of weeks the media will stroll out another person they will call the up and coming start of the Republican Party. The bottom line is the lame stream media will keep throwing Sarah Palin at people because they so want her to be the candidate because she splits the party as much as the country. We have seen in the past when split a party they have no shot at victory.

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