President Obama warns on repeal

Given that it is a done deal the congress will repeal Obamacare by Wednesday so it makes sense the President needs to claim it is needed but we found it funny he said he was willing to work with Democrats and Republicans to improve his new health care law. We do not want to be one sided he also warned lawmakers shouldn’t “go backward” and repeal the measure. There is no need for either side to worry the House will repeal the senate will not touch it. The measure will sit for a Republican president in 2013. If there is no new President in 2013 than it really is all for not. President Obama claims that Americans deserve the freedom and security of knowing insurance companies will never be able to deny, cap or drop their coverage when they need it most. There is no one on either side of the aisle that can disagree with that. The Whitehouse is not taking the measure serious and have not even said if the President would veto as they cannot give any legitimacy to the issue. The problem is it is going to happen and the senate is going to have to block it making them vulnerable as well the voters in the house who support Obamacare again.

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