Let the games begin

We are excited for the football games for the record we like the Steelers and the Packers to meet in the Super Bowl. We are talking about the presidential election for 2012. The results are in for the first of the season straw poll of New Hampshire Republican party committee member is happening. We were wondering how this was going to go as it always is kind of a long shot and does not mean much in the end. There were 276 ballots cast and the leader with 35% was ex-Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney which is good for him as he gained three percent more than 2008. Second place went to Representative Ron Paul, from Texas, he claimed 11 percent, and this is also three percent higher than the eight percent he garnished in 2008. The only surprise but maybe not was the fact that Sarah Palin finished third and really not even an option. The fairness here is Mitt Romney is from New England has a vacation home in New Hampshire and last year he even saved a life on the lake where his property is. The one thing this means is we are now getting ready to find a candidate to run against President Obama to make sure he is a noe and done president before he can do anymore damage.

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