Today is the day

We can no longer wait for our provider to some up with a solution. We have not been able to post to this blog in two weeks we have asked for help but there is no sign of anyone working on this issue. The problem we have pretty much recreated the blog in a couple of forms on other domains. We think this the best it is going to get and really are not sure of the fallout. We believe everything is going to work but once we pull the plug it is a roll of the dice. We have not lost any content we are not sure if we will lose rankings, counters, and status. These things take years to build and they all could be washed away. We have done the background research and believe everything is going to import form the various sources we have created. This has been a long process and hours of work. We understand that the most important thing you can do if you have a web presence is backup and redundancy. We sell this to customers all day long and failed to cover ourselves. In fairness we were using a program we thought was being maintained by the provider and the failed. They not only failed but they did not respond and had no solution of their own. It is time to go and we hope we see you tomorrow

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