Back in Business

We at the Tea512 have been through the longest stretch of internet drama. Our website blog has been down for editing for 14 days. The provider was no help and even though they maintain a portion of the blog, the failed to provide support. They seemed to lack the technical expertise to handle the crisis and basically just hoped we would go away. We needed to recreate everything we have done over the last three years from the ground up. We were able to pull from back ups, screen captures and the site was still live for reference. Last night we pulled the plug upgraded and restored what we could. This process has left a lot of broken ends and we are attempting to identify, flag and repair as they come up. We have lost a lot of images and we believe we can replace them except it looks like that is a post by post basis. We have been writing even tough we could not post so we have no gaps in service. It is a shame that a malfunction could not have been avoided and it was a lesson learned. We have climbed from the ashes we are leaner stronger and more wise. We have the control over more of our domain we had before so we made some lemons for this lemonade.

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