Larry where have you gone

When you can take a shot at CNN it is worth the post. The neilson ratings for the new Piers Morgan’s show are dropping to the obscure. Everyone thought it was going too alright and during the debut show on January 17 there was 2.1 million viewers that show did have Oprah Winfrey. Day two the rating dropped by 50% and before the month closed it dropped another 50% from that. We are going out on limb here but by the middle of next week it could dip below 500 thousand viewers. The lowest rated show so far had a couple of guests that automatically bring viewers and eye traffic of any male that just happens to scan by. The Thursday night show has two Kardashians girls talking about their breasts fake or real and sex tapes, could not bring eyeballs to the screen. We are going to give the show time but wonder how much CNN can hold on. Losing Larry King and his octogenarian following has made a replacement not only difficult but they might have to look at this choice as a loser based on the loss of audience. They thought they could move him right in and Larry King guests and audience would follow along this was a major over estimation.

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