Why do we give money away

We have a debt that is through the roof. We cannot pay back the people we owe. We rack up so much interest on our debt it is climbing faster than we can keep track of it. Then you find out we under right 25% of the working budget for the United Nations and we send 1.3 billion dollars a year to Egypt. They receive the second highest handout from the country that is almost 15 trillion dollars in debt. Here is the funny part when you look at 1.5 billion in relation to 15 trillion. That means even if we shut off the United Nations and Egypt we still would be in debt because of the interest we pay on this debt. How did this come to be such a mess? When did we decide we were going to hand away money for considerations whatever that used to be and is today. Many people have accused this space on the internet of wanting to be an isolationist state but when it comes to things like this it sure does not seem like such a bad idea after all. We are sure there is important reasons we pay this money out or President Obama would not have immediately hung it over President Hosni Mubarak head in their very first conversation when the protest began.

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