Real Spending Cuts

It is funny to watch the games in Washington the first-term Republican conservatives have claimed a victory after forcing their own leadership to expand a package of spending cuts headed for debate on the House floor next week. $100 billion is the number they wanted and it is a real number the revised package would cut from President Barack Obama’s budget request of a year ago. This is great because the party leaders initially suggested a smaller package of cuts this week. The earlier draft legislation had called for termination of at least 60 federal programs and cuts in hundreds more. The democrats immediately said this is a bad idea because the cuts are too deep. This is the problem as they never seen a program that should end or be cut. The first said the cuts were not significant and just ragtime to say they are making cuts. Then when the counter proposal came out with some teeth to it, they went back to the old play book lines. These cuts will become part of a spending bill that is needed to keep the government in operation through the September 30th the end of the fiscal year. The current funding authority expires on March 4. The two houses will be under pressure to agree on a short-term bill to keep the federal government operating without interruptions if they miss the March 4 deadline.

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