House brings more cuts

The cut and slash go go House of rep broke out the machete again. House Republicans detailed a proposal to slash $4 billion in federal spending as part of legislation to keep the government operating for two weeks past a March 4 deadline. This means they still need the Senate Democrats to accept their approach and avoid a government shutdown. The last time there was a government shutdown was in 1996. The new GOP plan we should see on the floor next week includes some $1.24 billion in savings, mainly from programs that President Barack Obama had proposed cutting in the fiscal 2012 budget, and the termination of some $2.7 billion in earmarks, or special projects, that are part of this year’s budget. The strategy is solid as if President Obama was already ready to cut the program why not now and as far as earmarks it will be tough for democrats to hitch a wagon to that poison pill as we have proved earmarks are the quickest was to lose in a primary never mind a general election. The $1.24 billion in program cuts proposed include $650 million in highway money for states provided in the fiscal 2010 budget, $250 million for a Striving Readers program that Obama wanted to eliminate next year and $75 million in election assistance grants for states.

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