$4 gas President Obama fault

Now that gas is climbing again approaching $4 a gallon on the east coast we are putting it to the lame stream media. This must be President Barack Obama’s fault as when it happened in 2007 it was President Bush’s fault along with Vice President Dick Cheney and Halliburton. When you do a quick Google search of $4 gas president there seems to be dead air as when it comes to blaming the king of all democrat run media there is crickets chirping on this issue. Most of the hits from the most popular search engine refer to President Bush as well as many left wing blogs enjoying a high rank. When we yell there is a media bias people think we are crazy but this the kind of stuff that drives us crazy, the total in the satchel approaches by the lame streamers. Granted there many articles in the search from people who fear $4 gas will stop any momentum the so called recovery will have. Four of the top nine links are about President Bush being at fault and two videos. There is no links where anyone one blames this president. What is even better if you go to the following pages of results there are bunch of stories about how Americans will be able to handle the $4 gallon price this time. That pretty much says it all when they are ready to sell you down the river without rage to hold water for their guy.

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