Democrats about $50M short

You need to do something when everyone looks at you from a weaker stance. We saw the Senate Democrats who do have some say still unveiled a detailed counteroffer seeking to undo tens of billions of dollars in cuts Republicans would make to education, housing and other domestic programs. This is just a parrot of the President Barack Obama plan and they cut another $6.5 billion from domestic agencies. The problem is this is not even close to the $61 billion in cuts passed by House Republicans. Even that was far short of the $100 million we had hoped for but $61 million is a good start and it is a step in right direction. We have said before that the biggest problem is the $50 billion gap between cuts the White House and Republican want. We hope there not is a rush to coincide and meet in the middle. We think that facing a federal deficit of $1.6 trillion, the White House and Congress have to produce both a short and a long-overdue plan for the ongoing budget year. The best thing is this is the conversation and not just funding pork and adding 3% to every line item in the budget.

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