Romney runs from healthcare

As a member of Massachusetts we have seen firsthand what 97% coverage healthcare can do. One of the things we did not see happen is it derailing a political campaign. We ae not sure if Mitt Romney had a chance to be president. This is real as even Romney starting to address this new political vulnerability. Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney went on the offensive derided President Barack Obama’s health care law as a misguided and egregious effort to seize more power for Washington. The best thing was he vowed to repeal it if he were ever in a position to do so, and drew hearty cheers from his Republican Party audience. We started to see the playbook as when he referenced the Massachusetts law, Romney argued that the solution for the unique problems of one state is not the right prescription for the nation as a whole. Romney is going stick to the nation as a republic of states as he claimed he would never usurp the constitutional power of states with a one-size-fits-all federal takeover. This national healthcare is going to be a problem for Romney his name signed the bill and that is not going to go away he is going to say it worked for Massachusetts but we think it is too much to overcome at this time.

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