Amanda Seyfried Red Riding Hottie

This week we highlight Amanda Michelle Seyfried for the second year in a row on the tea512. We are still not sure if she should be one of the hottest women of the year but you have to give her props for trying. The fact that it is the second time is saying something. Amanda was born December 3, 1985 in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. She killed on HBO hit Big Love and in Alpha Dog. Her role in Jennifer’s Body was enough to get her on the list last year the kiss with Megan Fox was Epic. This year she rolled the red carpet for her new movie Red Riding Hood directed by Catherine Hardwicke. This should be pretty good based on her work with Twilight and Thirteen and the story is winner as fresh as a 700 year old story can be. All that being said this look on the red carpet lights up the night and proves she is worthy. Amada is hot we are going to come out and say it and on the screen she can vamp it up which we like. She is a strong actress and obviously going to around a long time in the industry.

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