Air Tran XM A OK

We flew our first flight on Air Tran and was pleasantly surprised. The rate was cheap so we decided to give them a chance. It was a straight one way down to Orlando and a one stop on the return. The seats come with XM Satellite radio and there was wifi on the plane. We did not take advantage of the wifi but the XM was pretty cool as they passed out headphones to each passenger. Everyone was courteous there was a $15 per bag fee but the carry on rules were not very strict. We were provided a snack and a drink on all three flights and the planes were clean and new. The biggest problem we had seen is due to the fact they are a new carrier, they do not have choice spots in the hub. The Logan terminal is placed in one of the oldest building at the airport and is maze shaped with left and rights to get to the gate. In Orlando they are on the very end of the building so it is a long walk/tram ride to get to the front of the airport to ground transportation. We had three great flights as far as flights go and we would fly AirTran again, we paid $650 for our four round trip tickets to Orlando.

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