Michele Bachmann please we have one shot

We need a strong candidate in 2012 we have stated this multiple times. Every time we see a reason a candidate look weak we want them out. This election is too big for Republicans to lose over the lame stream media controlling the air. On Saturday the latest media darling of the right Tea Party member who gave the rebuttal to the State of Union, Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann. She made a speech over the weekend in New Hampshire where she said “the famous shot heard round the world happened here in Lexington and concord. The problem Lexington and Concord is in Massachusetts and not New Hampshire. We do not have a problem as this is just a mistake everyone makes them. She is member of the Tea Party and should know the origin of where it comes from, she should also know what state she in. The problem is that we cannot afford backlash the best we can hope for is to avoid it all together. We hate to be so literal here a full 20 months before go time, but the first rule of a lawyer is never ask a question you do not know the answer to, the first rule of a candidate is never say something you are not 100% sure is correct. Once again we are not sure this is enough to torpedo her election bid, but we are not playing for marbles here. The fate of yours and mine paycheck and who gets to spend rides on this next election.

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