Mike Huckabee hopefully not in

We have stated we want a winner in 2012. We want to make sure the lame stream media does not hijack the process and push a retread into the lead. We were happy when we heard that Mike Huckabee has been showing evidence that he will ultimately not be mounting another run at the White House for a 2012 presidential campaign. The former Arkansas governor is polling among the other retreads as he is top three along with other retreads Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. We think there is a problem with running a candidate that has already lost and cannot generate new buzz. We have said that when it comes to the republican leadership the presidential candidate has always been when it is your turn you get to run. They want you to be a good soldier and eventually you get your turn. This twice in my life time has been a bad choice Bob Dole and John McCain are two examples. Both stepped out of the way and waited their turn then when the time came they were routed in the election. The formula is broke and needs fixing and new energy as there is a lot at stack.

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