Metro Numbers for Unemployment are in

Have you felt the recovery. The lame streamers are telling you we are in recovery. Do you feel it? We do not either and when the report came out that reads that uunemployment rose in nearly all of the 372 largest U.S. cities in January compared to the previous month. These numbers do reflect that these jobs are lost due to the seasonal changes such as the layoff of temporary retail employees hired for the holidays. The Labor Department said the real number was that unemployment rate rose in 351 metro areas, and there were 16 that dropped as well as five that did not change. The truth that you will not hear from the lame streamers is the number is worse than December when the rate fell in 207 areas and increased in 122. If you are thinking nationwide the unemployment rate dropped to 9% in January from 9.4% in December, we are pretty sure this part of the story you are going to hear about. The truth will be when the rubber meets the road as the number for February fell down another tenth of a point to 8.9%. This will be interesting once we balance this national data number which is seasonally adjusted, against the metro data which is more hard number that is not adjusted. The metro data lags the national report by one month but is more accurate number as it is forecasted after all the number have been counted.

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