Brazil road trip starts latest tour

President Obama has always been a rock star in politics. When he steps out it is like the Rolling Stones coming to town and everyone needs to understand. We wonder if this Brazilian move away from the norm is a sign that President Obama rock star status might be losing luster abroad. We are basing this on a planned press conference Saturday featuring President Barack Obama and new Brazilian President Dilma Vana Rousseff has been cancelled. We wonder why this happened even before President Obama left for his five-day Latin America trip. This was not always the case as the two leaders were scheduled to take questions Saturday morning at the Palacio do Planalto in Brasilia after a bilateral meeting there, but the White House issued a schedule Friday evening noting that the two leaders will make statements but do not plan to entertain inquiries from the press. A White House official said the change was at the request of the Brazilians as they prefer the format this way. We thought it was about the pending escalation in Libya but that does not concern the Brazilians. The truth is Brazil may be less than eager to be questioned about why the U.S. has yet to endorse a permanent U.N. Security Council seat for Brazil. There is something going on and even the great President Obama cannot make this seem clear or transparent.


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