Monday address the nation

Well Monday looks like a day of double speak as President Obama is set to address the nation and a Congress with some kind of answers. This will be President Barack Obama most expansive explanation of the U.S. role in the Libyan war. This means the president will deliver a speech that is expected to cover the path ahead and his rationale about the appropriate use of force. The location is going to be from the National Defense University in Washington. This comes as many in the nation have pressed him for clarity about the goals and exit strategy of the United States. President Obama is expected to explain how the U.S.-led campaign is shifting to NATO control, and how the multinational approach with Arab support puts the United States in the strongest position to achieve the goals of protecting Libyan civilians. We think it is just a war for oil. You know when you get one of these hawkish presidents in office one war is never enough how about three. We are waiting for the national media to create lawsuits to watch and photograph soldiers bodies get off planes at Dullas. It seems tongue and cheek but this was in play when President Bush was in office, the lame streamers thought we would forget.


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