Big Love Series Finale

The Big Love series finale was nonstop angst right to the end. When you look back over the five season of this show there was never too many happy moments. The Henrickson never had a moment where their world was not in turmoil even during celebration. We watched as they rode the wave all the way and fought every battle head on. We watched as Bill pushed the envelope time after time and tried to make a new road for polygamy. No matter what road they tried to take for the advancement the old demons always meet them along the way for sabotage. The best part about the series finale was when Bill Henrickson died it was not at the hand of Roman Grant, Albie Grant, Hollis Green, Bud Mayberry, his own wives, Frank Harlow, brother Joey or his wife Wanda, Rhonda Volmer, of the countless politicians, businessman and bankers he rubbed the wrong way. In the end what took Bill Henrickson was a simple dispute between neighbors. We were big fans of the show and often told people it is hard enough to have one wife imagine three. The show was ground breaking and more than likely the reason there can be a reality show sister wives having any interest. The show had run the course and never jumped the shark but there really nowhere to go based on how the fifth season was laid out.

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