We do not pay tickets we are congress

You hate to see when the rules do not apply. Living in America you understand not everyone is going to get everything. You need to work to make a better life for yourself. At some point you reach as high as you are going to go and income growth only comes from luck or more schooling. During this process all you ask is for a fair shot and everyone having to play by the same rules. This is seldom the case and for members of Congress it is almost nonexistent. They have immunity from many routine parking tickets in the District of Columbia but they have abused the system to the max. There is a report that vehicles parked on Capitol Hill and at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, have at least $15,000 in outstanding tickets. These are for things like expired meters and speeding camera violations. If that was not bad enough 75 percent of these tickets are in default as they are over 60 days. There are some that are years without payment. You think there are a lot of people working there are about 300 vehicles at any one time displaying a House- or Senate-issued Member parking tags. Most of these have only one ticket but there is a handful that is reported to have several hundred to thousands of dollars in unpaid tickets. Where is the loophole you ask there us a provision in D.C. law, that members of congress, along with council members, are exempt from parking tickets when on official business. There is no excuse and when they build these building they should have built a space for everyone so this kind of provision does not need to exist. All we ask is the same rules for everyone and then it is a fair fight; this is the stuff that makes the scales unbalanced.

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