Rubio are you in or out?

We wondered what happened to Florida Senator Marco Rubio as he disappeared after the election and we hoped for a push for the White House. Rubio made some noise when made some remarks in the Wall Street Journal. It seems he has taken a stand on raising the federal debt ceiling and he also called for lawmakers to authorize force to capture Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. We wonder if this is the first shot in an attempt to touch the national waters. There are some that say because he has only won one national elected seat and has not served a full term he should not run. This does sound very familiar as the current occupant of the white house had the same resume but probably was even less qualified based on how many times that person voted present and not taking a side. If you do not remember Rubio beat former Governor Charlie Crist for the GOP primary seat and then also dispatched Crist’s independent bid for the same seat. The 39-year-old former Florida House speaker has not made any national aspirations but there has been buzz behind him based on his style. We have said we want a new face and this is a person we can get behind.

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