Vanessa Hudgens great Shape

This we highlight a three time member of the top 51. Vanessa Anne Hudgens who was born December 14, 1988 in Salinas, California has performed musical theatre since the age of eight. In 2004 she was in her first movie role in Thirteen. She has worked for Disney for the five years having guest spots on different TV episodes. In 2006, she released her first music release, V that has been a certified gold record, 2008 she had her second release of the album Identified. We would not know her if it was not for High School Musical, she was in all three movies. She has had two releases this year both with not much box office value, Beauty and Sucker Punch. She has been a member of the countdown in 2008 she was 15, 2009 she was 13, and last year she dropped to 19. The 22 year old has shown us plenty of skin in the past and has kept her fashion sexy and hot for any appearance. We picked her this week because if you walk by a newsstand she is on two covers Nylon and Shape and she has a great shape for it. We cannot wait to see how her career grows and what roles she is going to take moving forward. We think there is going to be some hot sexy roles for her ahead as she really has nothing left ot hide and can use it to her advantage.

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