Pay the Piper Congress

We do not know why the democrats and President Obama do not understand what the American people want. When we hear the president come out and say that he would not sign a budget agreement to keep the government running that cuts funding for Planned Parenthood and the Environmental Protection Agency. Everything should be on the table and to throw phrases around like negotiation about composition is not only posturing but really just the same old same old. They try to frame it like this is a Republican change to the debate by trying to use last year’s budget process to have arguments about abortion, to have arguments about the Environmental Protection Agency. They want to pretend this budget negotiation is shocking to them that for every ideological or political difference between the two parties have been brought front and center. We hope that legislature has the intestinal fortitude to make sure they true to their convictions. If you did not know this true that the House budget bill would, defund Planned Parenthood and remove the EPA’s authority to regulate the greenhouse gases. The bottom line is the democrats did not want to have this fight before the election when they controlled the both the White House and Congress so now they have to pay the price for that bad calculation.

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