President Obama wants a budget done

Thursday looks like show down day as President Barack Obama is calling House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid back to the White House. This is getting serious as the president wants to go on vacation and he would like to clear this item of his to do list. There is no chance that it can happen but we love when he thinks he can put everyone around the table and strike a deal. This has a real shot of changing all the tone because at the last minute they added Vice President Joe Biden to the mix. If there is anyone that can make a deal happen it is Joe. We are trying really hard to think why this is a good idea but cannot really find one at this time. This seems more like a joke than anything else. They are trying to cut a deal to fund the government before a deadline of midnight Friday. We are not sure what will be changed but it is never lost on this white house to pretend they are in control with no plan. This president has left the business of the running the country to congress from day one and this is no different he is not going be able to barter a deal as he can only act like he has influence.

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