Government shut down – no chance

The government shutdown looms but does anyone really believe they will not meet somewhere in the middle. We know how this works they will work deep into the night both sides will sign and claim victory. We have watched the six exhausting weeks of negotiations as it became a game of chicken to shut the government down. We have a little more respect for house speaker Boehner as he faced pressure from the Tea Party and GOP to reduce the number by $61 billion. So when we heard that the Democrats announced negotiators had locked into a spending cut figure of $33 billion we were actually thinking 50% is not bad, the devil you know type of thinking. Just then the crying man, Boehner pushed back, publicly declaring there was no agreement and he wanted $40 billion. We have heard a report that President Obama called Boehner on Friday morning after learning that the outline of a deal they had reached with Reid in the Oval Office the night before was not reflected in the pre-dawn staff negotiations. This kind of shady backdoor deals can no longer be hidden from the light and it was decided the three would get together again and make it right. As far as any worry about a government shutdown you read it here first not going to happen and it was never going to happen so let us just see what the final number is going to be. We know it will not be $61 billion and we are pretty sure it will fall short of $40 billion but cut is a cut is a cut.

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