President Obama long range pretend plans

We wonder if President Obama will ever have an original plan or just keep calling on others to make his wishes come true. We hear sometime this week he will call for Republicans to join him in writing a broad plan to raise revenues and reduce the growth. This is a calculated move now that we have moved past the short-term budget deal and the country loved it. The nation’s long-term fiscal health is next up and President Obama wants to get ahead by delivering a speech about it. The question is will he come off the sidelines on the debate over reducing the nation’s debt, which is reaching dangerous heights as the population ages. So after months of not leading on budget talks we cannot wait to hear President Obama will want bipartisan negotiations creating a multiyear debt-reduction plan. This is such a farce because the only right road needs to shrink Medicare and Medicaid. The democrats are looking for tax increases for the dreaded richest taxpayers; add some cuts to military spending, which is easy when you are fighting three wars. We are going to here more of that President Jimmy Carter type speech calling for debt reduction the country needs so we can grow economically. They have one win and the republicans are calling the plays and as much as President Obama wants to take credit pretend he has a plan, we believe both of these things are false.

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