Ashley Tisdale Shows the Allure

Here is a first timer and it is a shicker as we never though it would happen. This week the woman of the week is Ashley Michelle Tisdale. Ash was born July 2, 1985 in West Deal, Monmouth County, New Jersey. We picked her this week because she was always hot, she is Hollywood, but the Disney High School musical thing was holding us back. She rocked us in the fall with Hellcats where she rocks skimpy cheerleader outfits. Who knew cheerleader practice had even more skin than the games? She just pumped out a made straight for DVD reprising Sharpay without any of the other cast from HSM and she is naked in Allure magazine. This photo shoot was the one that put it over the top and we are glad to finally have you Ashley. We are sure we like her with the long blonde hair better but when she walks on screen or even to Starbucks she has a strut that makes every boy stop in place. Ashley has also has released two recorded albums with a couple of pop hits and one even went gold. We have a feeling she is going to be someone to watch in the future as this new found skin exposure and curvaceous body are a deadly combination and she is playing it well.

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