President Obama Gallups down in polls

We knew that when President Obama ran around acting like he did something passing the budget. Then jumped out to say he was running for a second term, which sounded exactly the same as he has for the last two years there was going to be awareness. We did not expect to see it in the latest Gallup Daily tracking three-day average. The numbers do not lie and Gallup shows 41% of Americans approving of the job Barack Obama is doing as president. We thought 41% was a high number and kind of odd. It turns out that 41% ties his low as president, which he registered three times before, twice in August 2010 and once in October 2010. The best part is these numbers are from April 12-14, which means it was before the crazy speech for deficit reduction. The economy is the big reason and it probably has more to do with the prices at the gas pump. We are not counting out unemployment but the whole economic recovery is taking too long. President Obama has had an approval rating with Gallup that has averaged 48% so far in 2011. When you look inside the numbers the biggest segment he is losing is the Independents the same people that brought him to where he is now. This last polled showed that only 35% of independents approve of the president, which is down from 44% which he has averaged for 2011. The news is not good for the home team either as with Democrats ratings are down four points as well. This is all good news for what we hope is mister one and done President.

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