House Budget crazy good

We love the new look house as they grabbed the bull by the horns and approved a fiscal year 2012 budget. This thing is crazy good as Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan drastically limits government spending next year and in years to follow. We are talking major league numbers like $5.8 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade. There were only four republicans that opposed the vote, yes we know who you are, but it did not affect the final 235-193 number. We also watched as every Democrat voted no and then started the smear campaign. You have heard it before police and fireman will get laid off, governments will close, schools shutdown and the elderly with have to eat cat food. We know it does not matter as the bill heads of to the senate where they will kill the whole thing but the President was forced to say he agreed with House Republicans that we must reduce our deficit and put our country on a fiscally sound path. The difference between the hard core republican plan and the touchy feel good plan of the president is one has teeth and a purpose and the other on from President Obama is more of the same old make sure I get re-elected type budget.

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