Governers Field for 2012

Let us start to look at the 2012 field, as another hopeful was lost, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour decided not to run. We liked Haley and his laid back southern drawl would make him a standout in a GOP debate. There is another governor we are hoping for, we always thought a leader of state that has dealt with a budget and a legislature is better than a senator who usually is a life time talker and back room dealer. We are waiting on another governor to make the choice to run or not. It looks like Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, at age 62, is nearing an announcement on whether to run or not for president. This choice is going to be made after he spends the final week of the Indiana legislative session. Daniels is about to pull of something that could make his star shine really bright against the field, a balanced budget, tax refunds and a school voucher program. It is not fair we only get one and not both but we think this is the mold we are looking for it is no coincidence both men were aides to President Ronald Reagan, had indicated privately they would not both seek the 2012 nomination.

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