Debt Ceiling Rock and Hard Place

We love a good rock and hard place for the democrats and in the senate the you can feel the burn. Stage two is having President Obama and Senate Democrats staring each other down as the pending request to raise the federal debt limit appears on the horizon. President Obama is desperate to jump start the economy, cutting spending now could keep the economy right where it is or worse. The Senate democrats are scared to death to show voters they are still spending when everyone wants them to stop. We say this is stage two which is the call to raise the debt ceiling. Stage one was last year’s budget which we already got spending cuts in order to prevent a government shutdown. The third and final stage will be the knock down drag out fight over next year’s budget. It is almost a guarantee that come the end of September President Obama will be looking at more cuts and the hand of the Speaker of the House. The power play will come from the White House as the waters are deep and filled with sharks. President Obama will need to pick and choose what he brings to the table because everything is fair game. The shell game will be keeping some stuff back for the end of the year so he does not lose everything over the debt ceiling.

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