Florida repeal Obamacare on ballot

Since the commander and chief is still riding the wave of macho. We thought we would get back to our old ways by celebrating a weakness. We have found a place where it looks like the halo in Florida is starting to dim on national healthcare. This can only happen because the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature is in charge. They pushed through an amendment for the ballot next year that will stop the federal health care overhaul. The Republicans trying to put a stop to the federal law they called “Obamacare” in debate. The vote was along party lines as it passed 80-37 vote in the House. The details are the Florida Senate passed the amendment called SJR 2. It was sponsored by Senate President Mike Haridopolos a name we will keep on the radar. This will set up the legal challenge if this kind of amendment can trump a federal law with a lowly state measure. The sweet they center on is the Florida measure would ban government requirements to buy health insurance, which the federal law would mandate for most citizens. This is not new to Florida if you remember the Legislature passed a similar attempt for the ballot last year, but the Florida Supreme Court axed it. The justices ruled the ballot summary was inaccurate and misleading. We think this is going to the first of many attempts and every attempt is important.

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